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Precision Industrial Equipment Care Inc

The name you can trust with the maintenance and repair of your equipment and machinery for smooth functioning and longevity.

Top quality Industrial Maintenance Services

Enhanced Machine Life

Boost In 

Welcome To PIEC, INC.


We Are Here To Make Your Industrial Lives Easier

Precision  Industrial  Equipment  Care,  Inc  has  been  a  blessing  in disguise  for the manufacturing industry by providing top notch professional maintenance service to ensure optimal functionality and longevity for machinery. 

Our trained, certified, and experienced staff are equipped with

state-of-the art tools to deliver flawless service. As part of our commitment to fulfilling your needs to maximize uptime production, we offer a selection of tiered maintenance packages. Let us help you ensure your machinery runs optimally by implementing our OEM recommended comprehensive maintenance plan today.


The best way to make your equipment last longer is through regular interval maintenance. Proper maintenance scheduling not only extends the life of machinery, but it also ensures optimal operational efficiency. Smooth functioning equipment is a necessity for any production environment, and we are here to help you achieve that!!!



It had been quite a long time since my machines saw any maintenance, so I was unsure of the process or who to turn to. When I reached out to Precision Industrial Equipment Care, they promptly responded to my call and got me back on track with their stellar service.

Phillip Hudson

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